I don’t want to!!!

Yeah, I feel like having a little tantrum over nothing really. Just not feeling it today. Also, this is probably my catchphrase if I be honest… expect to hear it often.

I left work early today because I’d run out of things to do for tomorrow otherwise and if I have to go into work at all, I want to be there for at least the whole morning. Did I make the most of this? Not at all. Came home and did a whole lot of nothing.

Was meant to go grocery shopping cause I’m seriously close to running out of food now. The good news is I didn’t just get takeaways again. In fact, I cooked myself some dinner which was probably better than anything I might have ordered. My flatmate left me the rest of the Puff Pastry she had bought. That stuff is really good for throwing things together quickly and then only 15 minutes in the oven later and it’s ready. Mine had some tomato, brie cheese, baby spinach, and a bit of chilli and ginger for flavour. Once I had rolled it I added some poppy seeds as well. I like to add a lot of flavour.

So all in all, not too bad for someone who didn’t want to do anything at all today. That may well be the only thing I really did all day though… unless making progress on working your way through your Netflix list counts…

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Pay day: Takeaway day

First day back at work today. I thought, knowing I’d already seen all my emails and where I was up to with my work before going on holiday, that I might be able to finish work early. I was wrong. I wasn’t surprised that the event I returned back to work for was going to require last minute assistance, I was just surprised by how much… that’s all another story but I finished late.

It’s also pay day. On this day, I tend to very easily talk myself into getting takeaways. I very quickly found myself wanting BurgerFuel. I love BurgerFuel. I tried to talk myself out of it. Almost any other takeaways because $25 for a single meal for myself that I’m not enjoying in the company of anyone else seems a bit frivolous. But then I had an extra $40 in my pay this week, so whatever to that. And pay day is a magical day, where you can do anything because you haven’t spent your money yet. You have options. You can do anything. Well, within reason.

For the record, I’m all completely within budget and have done all the responsible things with my money that I need to for the fortnight. (Last week, I decided to finally get health insurance after paying off a loan. Look at me adulting! I still have extra money leftover from the difference so it was a good time to do it).

Anyway, that Gingerbread shake is delicious… (can anyone see this quickly turning into the biscuits thread all over again?). If you can have a burger and fries with aoli and a gingerbread shake, why would you want a $4.50 pizza?

I come home to the reminder that my flatmate is going away for a few days and she “needed” (her words) to eat the Rocky Road she’s had in the fridge because she plans on eating healthy when she gets back (clearly she hasn’t read my blog…) It would be rude not to help out though. She was going to throw what was left away because neither of us had any intention of finishing it all today, but seems a bit of a waste so I promised to throw it out if any is left on Sunday. There won’t be.

Since I make up the rules as I go, today is obviously going to be a cheat day. I think today was over when I said first day back at work though.

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Attempting to be one of those orgainised people: Ironing

For me it’s the last day of my holidays. I thought I’d have a go at being one of those organised people who does their ironing all at once and not just before they choose to wear it. I’m currently drawing the line at work wear only because that’s all I normally iron anyway. And who wants to iron their entire wardrobe in one go?!

Clearly this was never going to be a fun task when I usually only iron one item at a time. I hated it. Even with music playing, nothing can make this more fun. I will confess I gave up once I had done the clothing that still needed to be put away. Everything already in the wardrobe doesn’t count to me, and yes, I make up the rules as I go. All up, 11 items ironed. 

I see the appeal in hiring someone to do this job. It’s not fun and I am not particularly good at it. 

Mental note: legitimately consider hiring someone…

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About that New Years Resolution to eat healthier…

I got a tonne of Chocolate and other junk food for Christmas like I do most years.Which is great, cause yum! But you also tend to consume it all within a very short timespan which isn’t so good. There’s the temptation to just binge and be done with it, then you can start eating healthier again right?! Wrong.

That’s probably why your New Years resolution to eat healthier will fail in only the first few weeks of January. You can’t start out by eating healthier straight after you create a serious sugar addiction! You’re going to need that in your life still. Focus on that word “healthier”, make better choices where possible but don’t force yourself to only eat healthy.

Pro tip: If it’s not in the house you can’t eat it! Save buying junk food for when you are out only and you won’t feel so guilty about the treat. Bonus points if you walk to the location.

Bonus pro tip: When making New Years resolutions, vaguely worded goals tend to be easier to stick to. My favourite goal ever was to make everything about me. For a whole year, I did whatever I wanted. It may sound selfish, but you’d be surprised how quickly you decide you want to do a lot of good things for yourself and without the pressure of that being your goal in itself, if you don’t stick to it, that’s ok too. But that was also the only year in my entire life that I regularly went to the gym (2-3 times a week) so I’d say it was a pretty successful goal all in all.

Anyway, it’s only January so if you still have junk food in the cupboard don’t feel bad about eating it. Try to just limit how much you have each day, so no bingeing allowed!

hmmm define bingeing… well, I’m sure you have your own ideas about what is a “normal” amount to eat in a day and what is “bingeing” so you can follow your own judgement there. As I’ve never really had to watch my weight (again, sorry!) I probably over consume at the best of times. It’s really not unusual for me to open a packet of biscuits and eat the whole lot. Oops! If I’m lucky (read as: can control myself), they last a few days at most. So, for me, bingeing would be opening something else as well. For you, it might be having a third biscuit.

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One day at a time – Focusing on the small changes to be a better me

Last year I started a forum post half-jokingly which ended up being a regular stop most days. Which is great, but amongst other things it is predominantly a discussion about junk food and that would often result in craving the things talked about and suffice to say, I ate much more junk food than I normally would in a year. Oops!

Did I get fat? Well, not exactly, I tend to be genetically lucky in that department (sorry!) But it didn’t really help either. To look at me, I might still look slim but if you look closer that tummy is not flat! I tend to have a bit of a food baby growing!

Did I get sick? Ahhh no, but honestly I’m probably en route to getting Diabetes, if I don’t secretly already have it.

So it doesn’t seem like too big a deal right?! Well, no, that’s not true either. If I continue to eat that much junk food, eventually I will lose more than my flat tummy and it will start to take a toll on my health. Let’s not wait for that to happen!!!

It can be tough to make big changes all at once but I think the important thing is to want to make changes. So focus on small changes and small wins, cause those will be longer lasting in the long run.

This week I have added a new healthy breakfast option: Toast with cottage cheese, marmalade, chopped walnuts and cinnamon. I don’t normally even eat cottage cheese or marmalade but this is actually delicious, and feels more like a treat to eat than a healthier breakfast option. Highly recommended.

I have also been trying to drink more water, even if it is only with meals, it’s still a start. I don’t particularly like water by itself so I have lemon juice that I add to give it a bit of flavour.

I’m not particularly athletic, not that I don’t necessarily enjoy it, I just find it hard to be motivated to do it in the first place. What I do a lot of, however, is walk. I don’t drive, so it’s kind of a lifestyle choice, which makes it easier to do regularly. It’s still easy to just sit home on a day off and not go anywhere, so with that in mind I’m going to try go for a walk every day regardless of whether I have somewhere I need to go or not.

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