About that New Years Resolution to eat healthier…

I got a tonne of Chocolate and other junk food for Christmas like I do most years.Which is great, cause yum! But you also tend to consume it all within a very short timespan which isn’t so good. There’s the temptation to just binge and be done with it, then you can start eating healthier again right?! Wrong.

That’s probably why your New Years resolution to eat healthier will fail in only the first few weeks of January. You can’t start out by eating healthier straight after you create a serious sugar addiction! You’re going to need that in your life still. Focus on that word “healthier”, make better choices where possible but don’t force yourself to only eat healthy.

Pro tip: If it’s not in the house you can’t eat it! Save buying junk food for when you are out only and you won’t feel so guilty about the treat. Bonus points if you walk to the location.

Bonus pro tip: When making New Years resolutions, vaguely worded goals tend to be easier to stick to. My favourite goal ever was to make everything about me. For a whole year, I did whatever I wanted. It may sound selfish, but you’d be surprised how quickly you decide you want to do a lot of good things for yourself and without the pressure of that being your goal in itself, if you don’t stick to it, that’s ok too. But that was also the only year in my entire life that I regularly went to the gym (2-3 times a week) so I’d say it was a pretty successful goal all in all.

Anyway, it’s only January so if you still have junk food in the cupboard don’t feel bad about eating it. Try to just limit how much you have each day, so no bingeing allowed!

hmmm define bingeing… well, I’m sure you have your own ideas about what is a “normal” amount to eat in a day and what is “bingeing” so you can follow your own judgement there. As I’ve never really had to watch my weight (again, sorry!) I probably over consume at the best of times. It’s really not unusual for me to open a packet of biscuits and eat the whole lot. Oops! If I’m lucky (read as: can control myself), they last a few days at most. So, for me, bingeing would be opening something else as well. For you, it might be having a third biscuit.


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2 Responses to About that New Years Resolution to eat healthier…

  1. Ok, so this is totally contradictory to your post but if you get the chance try Donovan’s Gummy Gum Drop Clusters. I was going to mention them in the HNet thread but I was the last person to post and I don’t want to look like I’m talking to myself! *CLE* They’re amazing. They’re bite sized and one is plenty (plus you don’t get many in a bag) so they’re quite a good treat to have stashed in the cupboard for when you really want a small chocolate hit. On another note… I’m off berry picking tomorrow… that’s healthy!


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