Attempting to be one of those orgainised people: Ironing

For me it’s the last day of my holidays. I thought I’d have a go at being one of those organised people who does their ironing all at once and not just before they choose to wear it. I’m currently drawing the line at work wear only because that’s all I normally iron anyway. And who wants to iron their entire wardrobe in one go?!

Clearly this was never going to be a fun task when I usually only iron one item at a time. I hated it. Even with music playing, nothing can make this more fun. I will confess I gave up once I had done the clothing that still needed to be put away. Everything already in the wardrobe doesn’t count to me, and yes, I make up the rules as I go. All up, 11 items ironed. 

I see the appeal in hiring someone to do this job. It’s not fun and I am not particularly good at it. 

Mental note: legitimately consider hiring someone…


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