Pay day: Takeaway day

First day back at work today. I thought, knowing I’d already seen all my emails and where I was up to with my work before going on holiday, that I might be able to finish work early. I was wrong. I wasn’t surprised that the event I returned back to work for was going to require last minute assistance, I was just surprised by how much… that’s all another story but I finished late.

It’s also pay day. On this day, I tend to very easily talk myself into getting takeaways. I very quickly found myself wanting BurgerFuel. I love BurgerFuel. I tried to talk myself out of it. Almost any other takeaways because $25 for a single meal for myself that I’m not enjoying in the company of anyone else seems a bit frivolous. But then I had an extra $40 in my pay this week, so whatever to that. And pay day is a magical day, where you can do anything because you haven’t spent your money yet. You have options. You can do anything. Well, within reason.

For the record, I’m all completely within budget and have done all the responsible things with my money that I need to for the fortnight. (Last week, I decided to finally get health insurance after paying off a loan. Look at me adulting! I still have extra money leftover from the difference so it was a good time to do it).

Anyway, that Gingerbread shake is delicious… (can anyone see this quickly turning into the biscuits thread all over again?). If you can have a burger and fries with aoli and a gingerbread shake, why would you want a $4.50 pizza?

I come home to the reminder that my flatmate is going away for a few days and she “needed” (her words) to eat the Rocky Road she’s had in the fridge because she plans on eating healthy when she gets back (clearly she hasn’t read my blog…) It would be rude not to help out though. She was going to throw what was left away because neither of us had any intention of finishing it all today, but seems a bit of a waste so I promised to throw it out if any is left on Sunday. There won’t be.

Since I make up the rules as I go, today is obviously going to be a cheat day. I think today was over when I said first day back at work though.


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