I don’t want to!!!

Yeah, I feel like having a little tantrum over nothing really. Just not feeling it today. Also, this is probably my catchphrase if I be honest… expect to hear it often.

I left work early today because I’d run out of things to do for tomorrow otherwise and if I have to go into work at all, I want to be there for at least the whole morning. Did I make the most of this? Not at all. Came home and did a whole lot of nothing.

Was meant to go grocery shopping cause I’m seriously close to running out of food now. The good news is I didn’t just get takeaways again. In fact, I cooked myself some dinner which was probably better than anything I might have ordered. My flatmate left me the rest of the Puff Pastry she had bought. That stuff is really good for throwing things together quickly and then only 15 minutes in the oven later and it’s ready. Mine had some tomato, brie cheese, baby spinach, and a bit of chilli and ginger for flavour. Once I had rolled it I added some poppy seeds as well. I like to add a lot of flavour.

So all in all, not too bad for someone who didn’t want to do anything at all today. That may well be the only thing I really did all day though… unless making progress on working your way through your Netflix list counts…


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