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I don’t want to!!!

Yeah, I feel like having a little tantrum over nothing really. Just not feeling it today. Also, this is probably my catchphrase if I be honest… expect to hear it often. I left work early today because I’d run out … Continue reading

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Pay day: Takeaway day

First day back at work today. I thought, knowing I’d already seen all my emails and where I was up to with my work before going on holiday, that I might be able to finish work early. I was wrong. … Continue reading

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Attempting to be one of those orgainised people: Ironing

For me it’s the last day of my holidays. I thought I’d have a go at being one of those organised people who does their ironing all at once and not just before they choose to wear it. I’m currently … Continue reading

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About that New Years Resolution to eat healthier…

I got a tonne of Chocolate and other junk food for Christmas like I do most years.Which is great, cause yum! But you also tend to consume it all within a very short timespan which isn’t so good. There’s the … Continue reading

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One day at a time – Focusing on the small changes to be a better me

Last year I started a forum post half-jokingly which ended up being a regular stop most days. Which is great, but amongst other things it is predominantly a discussion about junk food and that would often result in craving the … Continue reading

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